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What's PledgeDates?
PledgeDates - The world's first online dating platform where you can pledge your love and affection.

There are no less than thousands of dating websites out there with sizeable user populations. However, there is only one site that lets you pledge your love and affection and put money where your heart is, and that's PledgeDates.

PledgeDates allows users to show and receive pledges of dedication in various ways. These pledges are made with real money via Paypal which serves as a sign that the pledging user is interested in getting to know the receiving user and willing to pledge for it.

What is a Pledge in Pledgedates?
A Pledge is a symbol of committment.

Pledgedates is a totally free to use online dating platform. Users can send unlimited amount of messages to an unlimited amount of users. We know however that this is hard to handle sometimes, to filter out sincere introductions with insincere inquiries. Pledgedates is created to make this journey a bit eaiser, by incorporating the use of Pledges.

Via Pledges, users can identify genuinely interested users and users with a certain level of committment. We cannot verify every aspect of a user's background, but at least we know if a user pledged, he/she has provided a real email address linked to a bank account. That's many folds safer than speaking to someone on, let say Tinder, who may have connected his or her fake facebook account only to the app.

In addition, you can also find out if the other users is having similar or different financial interest and situation as you do. We encourage users to request pledges to each other if this is important to you, so that there is no suprise later.

How can you make use of the Pledge metrics?
1- Pledge as a measure of committment.

Based on the amount of pledges a person made, you can gauge a user's committment to finding a partner. Users are encouraged to request the opposite user to make a Pledge before answer his/her chats. There is of course no obligation from both side to make a pledge.

2- Pledge as a measure of honesty

As we have explained earlier. A user needs to have a real email address and a Paypal account linked to a bank account to make Pledges. Hence Pledges is a very good way to see if the person behind this account is real.

3- Pledge as a measure of financial interest and situation

There are money-horders, gold-diggers, big-spender everywhere. When two people with different financial interests go together, sooner or later they may run into difficult situation. Pledges is a good way to see into each other's financial interest and situation early on. Request the other party to make a pledge if needed.

What is General Pledge?
It's like verifying your account

General Pledges are pledges made to be shown as key metrics on your profile. Via General Pledge, you show that you have verified your account and have a certain level of financial security.

How the other users view your pledges is really up to them. There may be people who would like to meet someeone who pledged more, the same or less than them. They will be able to see it clearly via the General Pledge amount.

Advantage of making General Pledge is that it is not sent to any particular person and you only have to do it once to show that you have pledged. You can of course do it more than once to increase the General Pledge amount later if you want.

What is Personal Pledge?
It's just like buying someone flowers or a drink at the bar.

Personal Pledge could be made to a specific user. If there is a user whose attention you really want to grab. You can do many things on Pledgedates, and one of which is to pledge.

You can pledge any amount you want. Usually, the higher you pledge, the higher the chance is that this user will give you some of his/her attention. But there is really no limit. You can pledge any amount you want. This pledged amount after fees deduction is withdrawable into real money for the receiving party via Paypal.

The advantage of pledging personally to a user is that the user can feel special about your committment which is made only to him/her, increasing your chance of connecting to a successful date.

Please do note that there is absolutely no obligation from the other parties receiving your pledge to perform any action or deliver anything, including chats or service or information.

What does it mean when Pledgedates says I can make money online with my profile?
Make money while you are on Pledgedates

User with a profile linked to a valid email address can receive personal pledges from interest party. (This only applies if you have set your relationship status to ON in the Single field. Please be honest to the other parties.) This can happen as soon as you are online with a full filled-in profile. You absolutely are not required to do anything in response to these pledges, so DO NOT feel obligated to reply or perform any action because of the pledges.

If anyone pressure or extort you for the pledges they have made, please contact our admin team. We will take action against these users who violates our terms and conditions.

As there is no obligation for people who received pledges, we suggest that users let it be. However, if you really do not want to accept Pledges anymore, please set your relationship status of Single to OFF (red). And if you do not want to accept Pledges from a particular user, you can reject and refund it to the sender via Paypal.


How do I make a pledge?
Click pledge on the right handside columns of most pages.

If you wish to pledge the default 20 USD, simply click the "Pledge" button appearing on the right hand side column of most pages of Pledgedates. The click will lead you to Paypal. You can also change the amount by entering your custom amount on the text field. There is no lower or upper limit of Pledges.

Pledge be aware there are 2 differet types of Pledges. Only General Pledge is visible to everyone else. Personal Pledge is personal and may only be visible to the person you pledged to.

I pledged to the wrong person or I pledged the wrong amount.

Don't worry! You can cancel your pledges immediately after you have made the pledge on your Paypal overview. The process should be as easy as clicking a button. If there is any other question, please check out Paypal's help page.

Do I have to do anything when I receive a Pledge?
No, absolutely not.

A pledge is a symbol of committement from the sender. It's like someone buying you flowers or buying you a drink at the bar. You are under no circumstance required to do any action in response to this gift or token of interest even if you have accepted it. The sender user is well aware of it.

About Pledgedates

That's brilliant! How did the founder come up with Pledgedates?
Online dating can be a complex affair.

If there is one simple way to find out whether the user talking to me has a) a real profile, b) real contact information c) serious interest in me --- how brilliant would that be? And that's the question that triggered Pledgedates' conception.

Is Pledgedates a legitimate site?
Pledgedates is for the pure at heart.

Pledgedates is a simple online dating and chatting platform with one simple mission of letting users connect with each other in a free and safe manner.

Pledges made only contain symbolic value and is in no way supposed to be used as a means of transaction for products or service exchange.

Please do not compare us to seekingArrangement or other SugarMama or SugarDaddy website. It's an absolute insult.

That's cool. I want to share Pledgedates with everyone I know.

We welcome any media inquiry.

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Who owns Pledgedates?

Pledgedates belongs to the serious of web and app platforms created by Dutch based company INGY.


Feel free to contact us for any question you might have with Pledgedates.