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Make a pledge. Find your love.

Understand Pledgedates

There are 2 types of pledges you can make

1. General Pledge

It's the same as verifying your account.

This type of pledge is to show that you have a general interest in committing to a relationship and you are willing to put money where your mouth is.

Depending on who you are looking for, pledge different amounts.

2. Personal pledge to or from a user

It's just like buying someone a drink.

This type of pledge is made to or from a specific user. It shows a user that the pledger is commited to him or her. The amount will be transferred to the person's pledgedates account, which can be redeemed into real currency.

Note that there is no obligation for the receiver to respond or perform any action as it is a symbol of your commitment. Our pledges work just like common pledges.